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 Wave Or Particle - The Double Slit Experiment Is A Misconception

The problem is that we are taught that waves (like on an oscilloscope) are demonstrating  how things like sound or light (and a few other things) behave. This gives a completely wrong explanation of what's going on. Sounds moving in the air (or water) are actually compression and decompression of energy - 3 dimensional. The same is true for any electromagnetic energy. A wave moving across a pond is actually NOT horizontal motion, it is vertical motion - it's only the energy moving horizontally. This is not to be confused with the flow of water (in this case). Electromagnetic energy moving through space behaves exactly the same. Bursts of energy are actually compressing and decompressing. This is what causes the illusion of a wave breaking down into a particle. It is more like a particle all along, it's just that we measure (or observe) the increase and decrease in energy. As an experiment, put a cork in a small pool. Drop a rock into the water to make it ripple (waves). Which way does the cork move?


(Open link below) Imagine this as a sphere and you are looking down into it. The horizontal dot is following the expansion and contraction of the sphere, it starts at zero, moves full positive to 1, reverses, moves back through zero, continues to -1(or i1) reverses and continues oscillation. It ends up that the wave function collapses into a particle, or vice versa. Does that mean that the idea of a wave becoming a particle (double slit experiment) is actually only a matter of perspective rather than function?.


 Look at the following display (link opens new window) and try to see it as described above. 


The Double Slit Experiment? Or are we just looking at waves the wrong way? 



Why monitor the (Earth's) magnetic field and man-made electromagnetic, "noise"?

Our planet and Solar System generate a magnetic field around the Earth. Along with this fairly static field are natural bands of frequencies (such as the Schumann Resonance) and Eddie currents which correspond to dynamic fields within and around our bodies and biosphere.
This leads to the question - what effect, if any, do our man-made electromagnetic transmissions have on us? Since our bodies are conductors, that makes us antennas and receivers.
It is the intent of this discussion not to judge with respect to good or bad, but strictly as an objective interaction of ideas of potential effects or the possibility that we have some level of filtering built into our systems. Or maybe we somehow use them in our electromagnetic nervous system. It seems that there is an abundance of possible applications if studied very objectively.

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 Were The 5 Senses Meant to be A secondary Source Of Data Collection?

Think about how we experience life. Our Senses - Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Hearing are only an indirect form of input. Each one of them requires a considerable amount of processing before it finally gets stored into memory where we actually experience it. All of our life occurs in memory except for that part of us that actually observes. Call it the self, the soul, or maybe something else.

At the quantum level, things do not happen in a nice chronological sequence. This being the case, and we are a macro construction of quantum level parts put together. Our brain (which is not who we are) organizes things so that the self can make sense of it all. It is entirely possible that the apparent passing of time is actually an infinity of chaotic events and fortunately for us, our brain sorts them and filters them and plays them in Planck units much like a TV scanning sequence or frames of a movie. This would be analogous to TCP/IP exchange. The data as it arrives into our computer or phones is not actually in the order that it began with, it's been processed with special built in markers so that it can be reassembled into something understandable to us (yes this is a short explanation of a much more complex process but it's sufficient for this discussion).

Okay, so what's the point? The point is that part of us actually does have direct experience. It happens through what we would probably call our intuition and is a pretty darn good explanation for ESP or even more so - having a soul.

There is a way to observe this sort of experience. It takes a little practice but it only involves quieting your thoughts - like in meditation. Once all that inner chatter stops, our built in senses - the senses between dimensions begin to reveal themselves. We still make sense of the data, but it's through another channel. It's like we're a sort of antenna that takes in all the substance around us and without filters or process becomes direct experience.

This has been Part 1. Start giving it some practice. Believe in God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and of course the Holy Ghost. You'll need the protection guidance and singular truth that only can be provided by them. There's so much more to Biblical teachings and faith than what's been taught. There's blessings beyond imagination.


Knowledge Is Power

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