Saturday, July 5, 2014

A peek into the universe - Updated July 7, 2014

We generally consider ourselves to be living in a three dimensional universe immersed in space–time. Something’s missing though. I would like to propose a new expression. Rather than space – time, we should view it as space–time–consciousness.

Stephen Hawking defines time in three different ways (From: A Brief History Of Time):
            1) (Second law of thermodynamics) - order to disorder.
            2) Psychological Time - our perception of time.
            3) The direction that the universe is expanding.

(See Note Below)
The only true time that we can speak of with any sort of authority would be number two, that is, “Psychological Time”. That’s because time exists only in our observation/experience of the other definitions. Take into account Carl Jung’s , "Collective consciousness". This is where time actually occurs. It is an experience shared by all and agreed on by all. Without intelligent observation, there is no time.

If you consider that prior to the 1800s the only communication available was through books and a variety of other publications (and of course, “Word Of Mouth”, aka, “gossip”). These books and publications reveal a coherence of thought within the human race (and perhaps a link to an unknown intelligence or even an as yet undiscovered awareness). Different people were discovering similar concepts simultaneously but at a great distance from each other. This demonstrates, or at least shows a strong inference to a collective consciousness.

In the mid 1800s telegraph came along. This added a new dimension to sharing ideas. Telegraph is much faster than word of mouth books and publications.

Then we enter the 20th century with all its magic of mass/instant communication. At first we only had the telephone, but what a leap in technology it was. Suddenly, along came radio, television, and finally the Internet. We were now having two way conversations – groups exchanging ideas, sharing thoughts around the world at the speed of light. All this data was finding its way into (or coming from) the "Collective Consciousness".

Try to think of the “Collective Consciousness” as a repository of quantum entangled ideas, thought, and experience existing in the realm of ‘space–time” with properties of both synchronicity and entropy. The internet is becoming a reflection of the “Collective Consciousness”, available through a digital translation system easily accessible and understood.

With the Internet we have a very a unique situation. Take into account the Merlin Project, Global Consciousness Project,,   and many others. The Merlin Project is software that is able to search the net and take snapshots of the thoughts of millions of people all communicating around the world, analyzing it and making predictions. The Global Consciousness Project explores the interconnectedness of things through a network of random number generators while collecting statistical output related to social/political/geographic events. is a scientific study of paranormal test and analysis utilizing the internet as a gateway to the psychic realm.

Looking at space–time–consciousness as a collection of all that ever has been or ever will be makes one stop and wonder. Are we a standing still watching time go by? Or is it us that’s moving through the realm of space–time–consciousness? By observation we can tell that the earth stands still and the Sun circles around it. But we know that in reality the Sun is stationary while the earth spins. In a sense both are true, it’s only a matter of perspective.

Note: With all that's being said here, time actually ends up as a very simple concept: For time to exist, you only need some combination of 2 or more independent units of mass and or energy in motion relative to each other and you need an observer. That's it, that;s all there is to it.

The so called "Grandfather Paradox" does not exist. If you could build a time machine, go back to a point in time before you were born and kill your grandfather eliminating the possibility of you being born is misleading, the fact that you're here to build the time machine proves that under any circumstances, you failed.

The title of this post is, “a peek into the universe”, but could just as well have been called “a peek into ourselves”. The deeper we look inside ourselves the farther out we seem to see.

This posting is a brief portion of a series of ideas to be explored. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and would very much appreciate any thoughts you may have. Thank you.