Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Are Living In A Very Special Time

 Things have been pretty quiet lately

Not much going on with the Magnetic Field or Schumann Resonance recently, so I'd just like to share a few thoughts for now... All comments welcome.


We live in a world with more humans walking the Earth right now than at any other time in known history - tremendously more. In the year 0 AD there were about 200 million people. A thousand years later in the year 1000 that number doubled to 400 million. In 1350 the Black Plague and a terrible famine caused a drop in population to 370 million but by the year 1500 there were 500 million people, and growing. 400 years passed and by 1900, there were roughly 1.6 billion people, by 2000 over 6 billion people were occupying the planet. Now in 2012 there are an estimated 7+ billion of us. Notice the incredible increase from millions to billions? Why so many people? Why now?

This is a gathering of souls on an unprecedented scale. Technology has soared at a rate in sync with the population (coincidence?). Sadly though, our spirituality doesn't appear to have kept pace. Can anyone really look around and not see the miracle we live in? Many discussions based on discoveries observed within Particle colliders and philosophical literature on quantum enigmas want to argue that "existence" is all a freak (or unavoidable) anomaly. But stop and think about it... It seems that the most rational conclusion is intelligent creation, a truly loving Creator at that.


Well if something was never created, it doesn't exist, right? So go ahead and look around. Touch your nose. Taste an apple. It's only there because your brain interprets it that way. But interprets it to whom? Why you of course! But if nothing's ever been created, then you don't exist and you're fooling yourself into believing that you're experiencing these things. Still, there must be a "self" to be fooled, and that self had to be created as did everything the self experiences. Anomalies don't need to be loved, sentient creatures do.

Back to the original question. Why so many people? Why now? Something "major" appears to be on the horizon for such a large audience to have gathered here and now. We need to become aware of our spiritual nature. We need to know that there is a loving creator watching over us. I strongly suggest reading books written by Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Eben Alexander, Dr. Wayne Dyer, absolutely the Holy Bible - especially the Torah and complete Old Testament (but please don't skip The New Testament) and the Gnostic Gospels. There are of course many more sources of information and personal experience, the books mentioned are excellent sources, you may wish to begin/continue your journey by sitting quietly - searching deep within your self. Spend time in prayer and meditation. Experience nature.

Thank you. Know thyself. May The Lord Bless us all.