Friday, October 12, 2012

Update October 12, 2012 - That Ticking Clock Seems to Have Jumped Up A Few Minutes

 All times are shown in Pacific (UTC - 7) Time
The displays are compressed views of (Approximately) 24 hour data collection cycles unless otherwise noted.

Much has been going on since the last posting so here is a new set of updates, rather brief, but the important information is documented as close as possible at this time...

Besides the increasing activity, rumor has it that there is a potential for some high activity in the next few days. This doesn't come from the usual sources but is considered reliable. The potential is considered to be strong enough to affect the Power Grid and communication lines.

So here's what's been happening. For previous data see Original Stream.

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October 12, 2012

 October 12, 2012: The day starts off at around 0.90 Gauss then becomes erratic at around 07:47 reaching a peak of 6.31 Gauss at 08:14, then 5.22 Gauss at 09:27 and 6.44 Gauss at 09:36. Later a spike reached 6.92 Gauss at 16:31 which is actually a double peak a few seconds earlier at 6.70 Gauss (because the graph is compressed the two can't be individually distinguished). The final spikes hit 6.96 Gauss at 21:02 (actually another double spike) and 6.35 Gauss at 21:17.


There was little activity between the 5th and 12th but the Schumann Resonance Bands were "abnormal" and there were instances of 15 Hz to 30 Hz ripples on the field which were in a fairly sine wave form and are of unknown origin.



October 04, 2012
 October 4, 2012: Main activity occurred between midnight and 02:00 with the highest peak reaching 5.39 Gauss at 01:40. Between 12:16 to 12:33 the sinusoidal ripplewas seen on the field at a frequency ranging between 15 Hz to 18 Hz - origin unknown.

October 03, 2012
October 3, 2012: Not much activity, the minimum was 0.21 Gauss at 01:49, remained close to 0.80 Gauss from 02:22 through the day until 23:47 when it rose slightly to 1.12 Gauss around midnight.

October 02, 2012
 October 2, 2012: Mostly unstable through the day reaching peaks of, 6.39 Gauss at 01:15, 5.13 Gauss at 06:54, and 4.48 Gauss at 16:06. The rest of the day remained at around 0.50 Gauss.

October 01, 2012
October 1, 2012: Activity showed up between 15:48 and 20:14 the highest peak was 7.53 Gauss at 16:45 with general highs and lows of around 7.00 Gauss to 2.50 Gauss.


Locally the animals (pets - cats and dogs) have been acting agitated at times. Other creatures like birds, squirrels, ants, spiders, and flying bugs all seem to be acting quite normal. On October 11, 2012 there was a thunder storm that passed through. Simi Valley, CA (that is where this data is being collected) is surrounded by hills (hence it being called a valley). There were several bolts of fairly strong lightning that interrupted power for a short time. The lightning was rather strange, 2 bolts were seen traveling horizontally about 2/3rds of the way up the northern hills. The second (a very strong one) left a couple of puffs of smoke after traveling through the air. The smoke was white and thin but didn't come from the lightning striking the ground, they just appeared along the path of the bolt.

So much for today. Check back, there could be some exceptional events over the next few days. Hopefully communications will be working uninterrupted.

One more thing. I am an Amateur Radio operator, Advanced Class - KQ6HD. Unfortunately I am currently limited to the 2M 70CM bands but my friends tell me (as expected due to Solar activity) that communications are doing quite well in the 10M to 20M bands.